Winnipeg MB Canada

Rescheduled from October 2020 due to COVID-19 and re-created as an online event!

Messy Connections brought together Messy Church teams as well as those interested in launching Messy Church in a four-day conference with Messy Church founders and leaders. This conference was an interactive, energized, musical, and inspired online event that connected you with other leaders and with your own learning in Messy Church. 

Messy Connections brought together international, national and local Messy Church leaders. Our leaders include UK guests Lucy Moore (founder of Messy Church), Jill Phipps and Katie Norman (International Messy Vintage Pioneers) and Stephen Fischbacher (founder of Fischy Music); Australian guests Sandy Brodine and Claire Dawe; and Canadian leaders Linnea Good, Mark and Jane Hird-Rutter, Susie McPerson Derendy., Neil Mancor, David Zachary and Andrea Gallagher-Courteau.

One of the conference goals is to explore Messy Church as a part of the means of reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. With Indigenous leaders we will explore story sticks, inukshuks, bannock making and the story of Turtle Island.

The videos of this conference will be valuable whether you are new to Messy Church and Messy Vintage and want learning opportunities, or whether you are experienced in these and want deepening opportunities. 

The conference aims to be a connecting point for people and for ministry. 

Thursday, October 14, 2021

10:00 Conference Opening, Land Acknowledgement, and Creating a Story Stick with Susie McPherson Derendy

11:30 Connecting Community: Rebuilding People through Play with Lucy Moore

13:00 Pel Mel! Messy Church as Multicultural! (will be partly in French) with Neil Mancor

14:00 Biblical Story Telling with Linnea Good

18:00 Messy Creativity – how Learning Styles matter with Sandy Brodine

19:00 Messy Music to Share with Ron Klusmeier and friends

Friday October 15, 2021

10:00 Soap Stone Carving an Inukshuk with David Zachary

11:30 Messy Friendship with Lucy Moore

13:00 Music as Welcome and Teaching with Fischy Music

14:00 Messy Church in a Bag and Messy Science with Mark and Jane Hird-Rutter

18:00 Messy Creativity – Something for All Ages with Sandy Brodine

19:00 Messy Planning – Get Messy Planning and Adapting with Claire Dawe

Saturday, October 16, 2021

10:00 Land Acknowledgement and Bannock Making with Susie McPherson Derendy

11:30 Messy Vintage with Jill Phipps and Katie Norman

13:00 Music as Prayer and Blessing with Fischy Music

14:00 Creation Based Messy Church – Telling Turtle Island with Andrea Gallagher-Courteau

15:00 Idea Fair Messy Christmas

15:30 Idea Fair: Messy Easter

16:00 Idea Fair: Messy Church Food

Sunday, October 17, 2021

13:00 Land Acknowledgement Living in the Mess, Living with the Mess with Lucy Moore

Thanks and AMEN!